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Joint-venture Organization

In 2001, the first joint institution of AEMG was born. Since then, AEMG continues to explore and innovate in the establishment of joint cooperative educational entities, offering Sino-foreign education a professional and advanced education management platform.

Project Management

CAP Collaborative Articulation Program

AEMG created this model under which universities from China and overseas can collaborate in depth (Collaborative Articulation).  A series of models were also created in the areas of management cooperation, course mapping, teaching collaboration, academic exchange and student articulation.

Professional Development Program

Australia Education Management Group aims to promote the Australian cultural education industry. AEMG promotes globally advanced Australian professional development and training projects in China, and imports the most advanced Australian courses and training resources for Sino-Australian teachers’ bilingual education.

Research center

Joint Scientific Research Center

We are committed to the establishment of a joint research centre and in contributing to the development of science and technology and social progress, through the strategic combination of Chinese universities and foreign universities. Currently there are established scientific research centres and cultural centres which provide a research platform for academics, promote Chinese and foreign higher education, and promote research in science and humanities.

Established Centres:
● China and Australia advanced manufacturing Industry research centre
● China and Australia social work research centre
● Cloud campus research alliance
● The Tasmanian maritime silk road cross-cultural research centre
● International early childhood education research and learning centre
● TCM development & China cultural Centre (Australia)