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Career Development

International Education, Globalised Talent.

AEMG is committed to promoting opportunity for career and professional development for all staff members.  Each member of the AEMG team can participate in our international career development platform and are encouraged to travel and join with professional development programs each year.

AEMG is a garden with which to plant the seeds of your own dream career.


New employees will be provided with induction training to introduce them to the unique AEMG spirit. Once a new employee joins the company, a mentoring system will assist them to adapt to AEMG culture and promote early efficiency and job satisfaction.

Following the 7-30-day induction program, the company will continue to provide training to help employees discover and create self-worth, and foster a culture of ongoing self-improvement and career development aspirations.

Overseas on-the-job training helps outstanding employees become global talents by expanding their international horizon and improving intercultural communication ability.



Staff are encouraged to travel between AEMG offices in China and Australia to undertake training as a way of expanding their international horizon and improving intercultural communication.