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During this new century, AEMG’s community have sown the seeds of vitality in the international education field.

The effort of more than 5000 days and nights and the sweat of 1000 AEMG people brought up this international education brand together. Dozens of project sites, hundreds of collaborating colleges, thousands of suggestions, tens of thousands of AEMG students and partners all over the world have made AEMG an educational brand of faithfulness, superiority and excellence.

It’s our mission to provide each of our partners with high-quality cooperation, and provide each student with superior education and experience.  We devote our passion and strive to achieve this as we know that education can change our life and the whole world!

Student Service Centre

AEMG Student Service Centre provides professional and specialised overseas student services which include overseas study planning; visa advice; pre-departure information; tutoring; counselling; employment and career advice. Being a unique organisation that provides these services exclusively using an advanced serviced platform, AEMG has been the leader of the industry in China and will continue to promote best practice and innovative approach to enhance the student experience.

Student Activities

We have organised a range of activities for students to enrich their social and study life, with an emphasis on the promotion of exchange between Chinese and Australian culture.

For domestic students, Halloween parties and English drama performances are organised annually so that students can experience the atmosphere of western culture, as well as boost their interest in learning English and enhance their understanding of overseas culture. In addition, we sponsor the “Auchin Cup”, English Speech Contests and cultural activities to encourage students to learn about Australian culture and universities. These activities raise awareness of our cooperative colleges and highlight partner university status in the Chinese students’ perception.

For overseas students we offer Christmas and Spring Festival dinners along with other activities designed to helps students feel the warmth of home while far away. In addition, we frequently organise several cultural and entertainment activities for students, so that they can taste the difference of cultures.

Our aim is that more domestic students will be encouraged to go abroad for higher education. For our current students, we hope to assist with their overseas campus life for a smoother transition and more enjoyable experience.  This innovative platform and a wide range of activities has allowed more students to enjoy the benefits and excitement of international education.

Study Abroad Program

The development of ‘Study Abroad’ concept is the spin-off of 20th century world-wide peace, the globalisation and the maturity of an international cross-cultural model of experiential education.

Studies show that students who have undertaken the study abroad program have better academic performance and higher employability than those who have not participated in similar programs.

AEMG has developed various Study Abroad Programs for students to choose from, ranging from 2-6 week short-term programs, 1-3 month middle-term programs, even to half a year or 1 year long-term ones. These programs are designed for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing English skills, gaining professional knowledge, or obtaining overseas internship opportunities, etc.

During their visit, students can attend language courses, visit local prestigious schools, stay at host families, visit major cities and scenic sports abroad. These activities accomplish the philosophy of “learning by traveling”.


International Exchange Program is a cultural exchange program that has long history and the most participants in the world. It is not limited to any region, ethnic, or cultural differences. Through one semester or a year study abroad exchange life, students will have many opportunities to hone their skills, as well as to enrich their life experiences.

The advantages of exchange program are listed as:

  • the cost for the exchange program is relatively lower than studying abroad;
  • the opportunity for students to improve their language skills;
  • the opportunity for students to get an in-depth understanding of the history, culture and customs of the goal countries, to know and experience the different life of overseas countries.

Today, an increasing number of students is keen to be join the exchange program as they eager to broaden their horizons, increase the ability to learn western culture and adapt the life overseas quickly.

AEMG is bridging the gap between overseas and Chinese partner universities, supporting the increasing students to choose their preferred countries and cities for exchange; thereby enhancing the cultural and academic communication between partner universities and different countries