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Work Report and Oral Defense for AEMG Academy Entry-level and Medium-level Titles Evaluation Successfully Held

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Work Report and Oral Defense for AEMG Academy Entry-level and Medium-level Titles Evaluation Successfully Held

The work report and oral defense for qualification evaluation of AEMG Academy entry-level and medium-level titles was successfully held in the afternoon of January 14, 2021. Jenny Wang, Director General of AEMG, and Prof. Chen Heming, Dean of Future Education Institute and the Supervisor of Teaching and Academic Affairs Division attended the meeting.

Jenny Wang gave a warm welcome to all experts and judges online and emphasised the great importance of AEMG Academy’s qualification evaluation of entry-level and medium-level titles. She recommended that experts and judges should strictly control the complete process with high standards and, at the same time, they are encouraged to give constructive suggestions where possible. Professor Chen Heming introduced the  background, far-reaching significance and subsequent evaluation process.

The work report and oral defence meeting was held online via Zoom. A total of 60 teachers from 19 AEMG branches including China University of Mining and Technology, Southwest University, Shandong University (Weihai), Xi’an University of Science and Technology, participated the online evaluation meeting to give work reports and oral defense. Each applicant was required to conduct a personal work report in detail from several aspects including basic personal information, teaching performance, scientific research and published papers, other work performance, and future work plan. Experts and judges carefully reviewed applicants’ materials, commented on teacher’s presentation and evaluated their works fairly and objectively.

Guests and judges were invited to attend the meeting, including Professor Wang Lifei (School of Translation and Interpreting; Beijing Language and Culture University), Professor Chang Xiaomei (Vice Dean of SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shangdong University (Weihai)),Professor Jin Quanyuan, (Dean of International Education College of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Professor Huang Ying (Director of Office of International Relations, Yunnan Normal University), Professor Hu Mu, (Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures), Professor Liu Tingting (Vice Dean of School of Foreign Studies, China University of Mining and Technology), Prof. Karen Swabey, (Dean of Education School of AEMG Academy), Dr. Rosa Rios (Course Coordinator of Discipline Department of AEMG Academy), Andrew Mathews (Senior Manager of Curriculum, Language Department of AEMG Academy) and Erin Winchester (Curriculum manager of Language Department of AEMG Academy).

Experts and judges fully affirmed and highly recognised teachers’ skills, professionalism, dedication and sense of identity with AEMG culture in the evaluation meeting. Experts suggested that AEMG education development should further emphasise the importance of teaching summaries in the future, regularly summarise teaching highlights, teaching features and teaching achievements, and organize self-reflection on teaching weaknesses and deficiencies. In view of existing problems, they should figure out appropriate solutions and set practical personal goals.

In future, AEMG will continuously strengthen the AEMG faculty development, cultivate more leading teachers and teaching models, set up further projects on teaching research, build and improve its expert think tank to raise professionalism and standardise its professional titles evaluation.