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Uniting Together As One and Unfolding A New Chapter: AEMG Year-End Meeting and Awards Ceremony

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Uniting Together As One and Unfolding A New Chapter: AEMG Year-End Meeting and Awards Ceremony

Prior to the Spring Festival in 2020, the heads of all functional departments and branches of AEMG gathered in Beijing to participate in the Group’s Year-End Meeting and Awards Ceremony.

From January 13th to 16th, the 2nd HQ Meeting in the 2019-2020 academic year and 2019 Year-End Meeting of AEMG was held at the Beijing office. At the HQ Meeting, President Roger LI and Director General Jenny WANG summarised the Group’s work outcomes in the past year, and put forward expectations and requirements for future work. Subsequently, more than forty directors of functional departments and branch managers reported their works in 2019 and work plans in 2020. Each branch manager also had face-to-face meetings with directors of each functional department to discuss about the problems and solutions on the spot.

In the afternoon of January 16th, the meetings had finally came to an end. They had laid a good foundation for future cooperation among various departments and the implementation of the Group’s strategic planning.

In the evening, AEMG 2019 Annual Awards Ceremony was grandly held in Jiangsu Plaza. President LI delivered a warm speech, thanking all employees for their works in the past year, and hoping that everyone will work harder together and make progress with the Group in the future.

During the ceremony, the Group presented awards such as Excellent Branch, Outstanding Region, Outstanding Teachers, Excellent Teaching Management, Outstanding Teaching Affairs Staffs, AEMG Stars and Special Contribution Award, acknowledging the teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the Group in the past year.

The evening was further enriched by wonderful performances from the representatives of various branches, showcasing the versatility of AEMG-ers. All Beijing office staffs sang and danced to the song We Are All Dreamers. AEMG-ers are indeed brave dreamers who will continue to strive in making the Group stronger and better in the new year.