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The delegation of UTAS attends freshmen welcome meeting of OUC

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The delegation of UTAS attends freshmen welcome meeting of OUC

27th August, 2017 is the registration day for 2017 freshmen of Ocean University of China. In order to welcome the joint program students of college of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences and provide them a better understanding of this program, LI Hongtao, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, SUN Hongwen, WANG Caixia attended the meeting. Jemma Foster, clerk from IMAS, UTAS, accompanied by CHEN Jing, the head of student services and LI Ming, the program manager of OUC branch, gave a clear introduction of this program.

During the meeting, Jemma provided detailed information of study and life in UTAS, which motivated the students and their parents. After this meeting, more parents were interested in this program and asked a lot of questions. Jemma, together with other staff, explained to them patiently.

Students and their parents have a better understanding of this program after this meeting, which lays a solid foundation for future work.