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The 2020 AEMG Group Staff Conference Was Successfully Held

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The 2020 AEMG Group Staff Conference Was Successfully Held

On August 20th, the 2020 AEMG Group Staff Conference was successfully held. The conference was held simultaneously in China and Australia in combination of online and offline formats. AEMG Group’s employees in China attended the conference in seven venues in Beijing, Harbin, Weihai, Xuzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Chongqing in participation with colleagues from Melbourne venue through an online meeting platform. At the conference, Mr. Roger Li, AEMG Group Chairman of the Board, and Ms. Jenny Wang, AEMG Group President and AEMG Academy Honorary President, respectively delivered opening speeches and concluding speeches, introducing the overall strategy and plan of the group to all employees.

The purpose of this staff conference was to summarise the work of the past year and convey the Group’s future plans so that all employees could work effectively while also organising their future work ideas in preparation for building a world-class quality educational organization. The conference was divided into four themes: ‘A Team of Synergy’, ‘Successful Experience Sharing’, ‘Cultivation of Cross-Cultural Working Mindset’ and ‘A Performance-driven Environment’.

In the team synergy section Mr. Roger Li, AEMG Group Chairman of the Board, delivered his opening speech summarising the work of the Group in the previous school year, recalling the efforts of the group in response to the epidemic this year, introduced all employees to a new project born in response to the epidemic – the Overseas Study Center (OLC), and announced key plans for the next school year. Afterwards, Mr. Mike Calford, Senior Advisor of AEMG Group and Interim COO, introduced the Group’s next five-year plan and the new organizational structure and business sectors and interacted with employees to exchange ideas on how to combine personal planning and group planning to promote the development of both sides. Then, the heads of each functional department and the heads of each branch made work reports and in turn, introduced the basic situation of the department from the department structure and staff composition and outlined the department’s vision, work plan and work objectives for the new school year. This section spread out the development of the Group in the past year, allowed leaders and employees to deepen their understanding of the Group’s work, enhanced their understanding of the Group’s future development path, and deepened their sense of belonging to the AEMG team.

In the section of Successful Experience Sharing, three employees who were commended by the Group in the last year shared their work experience. First of all, Mr. Xingye Xu, the regional manager of the Xi’an Region, which was the most outstanding branch in 2019, introduced his team’s experience in building the Xi’an region and shared working methods that are worth learning from everyone. Then, two staff members who won the honour of the 2019 “Auchin Star”: Elroy Duan, the Executive Director of Global Affairs and Partnership of AEMG, and Elaine Tai, Student Engagement Senior Manager of the Student Services and Admission Department shared their work experience and exchanged work with everyone. Through the experience sharing of outstanding employees, all members of the Group  learned effective working methods – laying the foundation for better development of the Group.

The section of Cultivation of Cross-Cultural Working Mindset was divided into two parts. Firstly, Prof. Bruce Calway (Vice President of AEMG Group) gave a lecture on “effective cross-cultural communication and exchange at AEMG” to all employees which taught effective communication methods. The conference then entered a panel discussion session, with each venue being a group discussion of  practical issues and seeking solutions to problems that may arise in the cross-cultural working environment. After the lively discussion, each group presented their discussion results, and everyone voted for the best solution. Through group discussions, employees not only deepened their understanding of the international working environment, but also exercised their ability to solve practical problems, and they were one step closer to building an international team.

In the fourth section, A Performance-Driven Environment, Ms. Jenny Wang, AEMG Group President and AEMG Academy Honorary President, made a concluding speech. From the perspective of improving performance, she looked forward to the future of AEMG and put forward expectations for all employees, and hoped all staff could work together to promote the transformation and development of the AEMG Group.

After an entire day of staff conference, all employees who participated benefited considerably. A staff conference is like a charging station that connects the past and the future –  everyone summarises work, exchanges experiences, looks forward to the future, and then reserves energy to work and contribute to the development of AEMG Group.