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Teaching Dream Starts: 2018 Nanjing Comprehensive Teaching Ability Training

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Teaching Dream Starts: 2018 Nanjing Comprehensive Teaching Ability Training

On July 23rd, 2018, 12 days Nanjing Comprehensive Teaching Ability Training for newly recruited teaching staff has launched smoothly. The objectives of this training are to cultivate the new teaching staff to meet the requirements of AEMG and promote their professional quality and teaching skills.

In the opening ceremony, Pro-director of Language Department, Ms. Cathy CHENG briefly introduced three on-going training levels in AEMG, and Mr. Yuqi LV and Ms. Ailin WANG gave a speech and expressed their welcome and high expectation for new teaching staff. At last, Ms. Jennifer WANG, Ms. Daisy WANG and other branch managers as well as other staff were introduced.

The training schedule for the morning was mainly about introducing AEMG and its departments, teachers’ professional quality. Ms. Cathy CHENG and Ms. Ellen HAO organized a discussion about “What is AEMG” and then Ellen introduced AEMG and its cooperated universities in China and abroad, branches in China in details, and explained the spirit of “AEMG People” and its professional quality. Mr. LV gave us an impressive lecture about how to be an AEMG teaching staff with international view. He illustrated this from three aspects: higher education in the view of international, “double first class” – figures and problems, and the formation and development of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. During his speech, his breadth of knowledge and humor brought applause for several times.

The training schedule for the afternoon was mainly about rules and regulations in AEMG, teaching requirements and career promotion, and schedule for training. At the very beginning of the training, AEMG Director General, Ms. Jenny WANG and other directors expressed greetings and welcome from Australia through video, and they would meet the teachers in August in Beijing. Ms. Julie ZHANG depicted the rules and regulations and how the teachers’ attendance would be recorded in daily working. Ms. Jennifer WANG introduced teaching norms and promotion in details in order to help the teachers have a better understanding and she illustrated it by using practical teaching cases and then shared several skills. Ms. Sherry WU and Mr. Samuel WANG explained the assessments for teachers, including cloud campus design, speaking contest, teaching plan presentation, model lesson and its proportion in each part. Also, Ms. WU shared videos for teachers to watch and prepare. Then, Mr. Samuel WANG organized an ice-breaker activity, which not only made the teachers get familiar with each other, but also gave them a better understanding about the designing of classroom activity. In the end, Ms. Daisy WANG designed a workshop titled with “Teachers’ role in AEMG and their plan for future”. Teachers all expressed that they would put teaching in the first place and be a qualified AEMG staff and teacher.