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Survival Chinese International Chinese Learning Resources in “Internet Plus” Era

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Survival Chinese International Chinese Learning Resources in “Internet Plus” Era


Survival Chinese as an online course in series of When Kangaroo Meets Panda developed by AEMG, has been wholly open online. Learners could log on the platform of CloudCampus at , register and start to learn.

As Chinese language course, Survival Chinese mainly covers basic and common subjects in daily life with highlight on listening, speaking and training of the basic communication skills in Chinese. It particularly fits the adult Chinese beginners. The main features can be found as follows:


  1. Learn Chinese phonetic alphabet- Pinyin with familiar English words. As an essential tool for Chinese learning, Chinese Pinyin is a way to help to pronounce the Chinese characters and could multiply the learning outcome. Survival Chinese teaches Pinyin, the initials and finals with the help of the pronunciation of familiar English words, which could let learners get started quickly.


  1. Learn to use. In addition to a large number of exercises at the end of each lesson with automatic correction, there are different types of Task-based communicative activities. With the specially designed and real life scene practice, Survival Chinese makes it possible for learners to be learning while using as well as to be learning while assessed.


  1. Clever use of colors toproject the bilingual equivalents. With full use of software, it marks the English word and its corresponding Chinese character in the same color, which enables learners to understand the word order differences between Chinese and English.


  1. Clear and correct Chinese audiocan be found everywhere. Chinese pronunciation accompanies each sentence in the text based on different roles. In addition, the word and exercise parts are equipped with audio, available to learners The color matching and audio matching brings about great fun of Chinese learning resources.


  1. Watch animation for learning Chinese Each text is designed with animation with normal speed dubbing in Chinese, bilingual subtitles and everyday scenes. It can be played again and again, which not only increases interest but also helps to improve learners’ communicative competence.


  1. Learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. As supplementary assistance to Chinese language learning, the culture part of Survival Chinese mainly focuses on the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures as well as the difficulties in understanding Chinese culture for foreigners with the purpose to help learners to understand and adapt themselves to Chinese culture with less time, less misunderstanding and embarrassment caused by cultural differences .


Chinese culture is broad and profound, and language is a mirror reflecting social life. When Kangaroo Meets Panda series of Chinese courses will rely on CloudCampus platform to always provide excellent service for Chinese learners.