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Sinclair Community College’s delegation was invited to visit AEMG cooperative universities

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Sinclair Community College’s delegation was invited to visit AEMG cooperative universities

With the invitation of the Australian Education and Management Group, the delegation of the Sinclair Community College from the United States, under Professor Clay Pittman, Chairperson of the Aviation Technology, visited China from 27th of February to 2nd of March. AEMG’s President Mr. Roger Li and Elroy Duan, Director of Global Engagement and Partnership Department, accompanied the delegation to visit our partner universities in China.

In the afternoon of 27th, Roger warmly welcomed the delegation and held meeting at the Beijing office. The two parties discussed the cooperation areas and potential modes in the future. Professor Pittman was impressed by the achievements of AEMG’s educational cooperation in China and would work closely with AEMG to share the advantage of college educational resources with Chinese cooperative universities.

On 28th February, Roger accompanied the delegation to visit the Xuzhou Industrial Vocational Technical College. The President, Prof. Zhu Muwei, warmly welcome the delegation at the college. During the meeting, both sides expressed their strongly cooperative willingness and looked forward to cooperation in areas which might be highly matched in curriculums. Before the official meeting, the delegation also visited the experimental base of the college.

On 1st of March, the delegation visited Jiangsu Aviation Technical College. Accompanied by prof. Pu Huangzhong, President of the College, the delegation visited the teaching laboratory and observed one of lessons. In the subsequent discussion, the two parties preceded broad and in-depth exchanges on the possible relevant collaboration. Professor Pittman sincerely invited prof. Pu to visit their college this year to advance the in-depth cooperation.

The delegation traveled to Nanjing to visit Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics on the 2nd of March. Prof. Jin Quanyuan, Dean of the International Education School, Deputy Director, Lai Jizhou of the International Office and representatives of the Civil Aviation School held friendly meeting with the delegation. The two sides initially reached a consensus on the relevant vocational qualification training programs and so on.

The mutual understanding and trust has been deepened between AEMG and the partner universities along with the visits, and the areas of cooperation have been broadened as well.