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Ocean University of China(OUC)visiting Australia Universities

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Ocean University of China(OUC)visiting Australia Universities

On March 7, 2013, OUC delegation visited AEMG Headquarter in Melbourne, Australia. Roger Li, CEO of AEMG and Michael Xiang, AEMG Melbourne Office Manager met and warmly welcomed the delegation.

The following morning, OUC delegation came to visit RMIT University. Representatives of RMIT University extent an warm to the delegation and gave a brief introduction to the delegation about their university. Afterwards, RMIT university staff guided OUC delegation campus tours in both its city campus and Bundoora campus. In the afternoon, OUC delegation visited the College of Chemistry and Pharmacy of RMIT university. Both OUC and RMIT university represented their great interests in future deeper communication and further cooperation.

On March 11, 2013, OUC delegation visited Griffith University in Brisbane. In Griffith University, they especially visited its Eskitis College (Bio-pharmacy college), and exchanged their viewpoints regarding the cooperating model and field in later cooperation, which positively promoted their cooperation. Thus, OUC delegation’s Australia visit achieved a significant success.

Translated by Jessie