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Observation Group Inspection in Autumn Semester 2019-2020

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Observation Group Inspection in Autumn Semester 2019-2020

The Observation Group inspection organized by AEMG Teaching Department in autumn semester 2019-2020 was carried out on Nov 7th, 2019 as scheduled. It aims to fulfill AEMG requirements of “improving quality and increasing efficiency”, supervising and inspecting overall teaching order as well as enhancing general teaching quality.

OG inspection this semester was held under the leadership of Teaching Quality and Teaching Staff Center and conducted by five groups. Each group consisted of leaders and members with rich experiences in teaching and management. By attending regular teaching meetings, observing classroom teaching, checking teaching materials, organizing symposiums, etc., OG members had developed a general understanding of the daily teaching in each branch as well as the current condition of teaching management, and also constructive suggestions for each branch were put forward targeting at existing issues. Generally, each branch performed well in teaching and management with steady and ideal improvements.

The OG inspection which lasted for almost a month came to a satisfactory conclusion in late November. The Group had developed clear and in-depth understanding of teaching activities in all branches, further standardized teaching management and order as well as perfected and improved AEMG teaching quality assurance system by evaluating previous documents, procedures and structures of OG inspection. OG inspection had also built a platform for further interactions and exchanges with teachers of each branch so as to fully tap into excellent teachers with rich potential, provide and select teaching talents for AEMG.