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NUAA Successfully Held 2018 Sino-Australia joint Opening Ceremony

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NUAA Successfully Held 2018 Sino-Australia joint Opening Ceremony

On the afternoon of September 3rd, 2018, In the No. 1 Teaching Building of NUAA, a joint opening ceremony was held for students of all levels in the Sino-Australia CAP program. Wu Weiwei, Associate Deanof Civil Aviation College, Wang Jingdong, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Shao Quan, Headof the Department of Transportation, Civil Aviation College, associate professor Liu Junqiang, Professor Nicholas Simon Bardell from RMIT, AEMG Nanjing Regional Manager Qian Kai attended the opening ceremony with representatives from  NUAA Branch and Student Service Department, AEMG.

During the event, the leaders of NUAA and Professor Nicholas met with the program students. In each communication session, the leaders of the college gave detailed introductions and explanations on the project situation and the policy of going abroad. Professor Nicholas, as the keynote speaker, introduced and demonstrated Australian culture and RMIT culture to students with vivid language, rich PPT and video. It has deepened the students’ understanding and yearning for overseas life and won a burst of applause from the scene. In the interactive question and answer session, Students surrounded Professor Nicholas to learn about overseas customs and get more information about study and daily life in Australia. The professor also answered the questions of the students very enthusiastically and thoroughly. The opening ceremony lasted for three hours and came to an end in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

It is believed that through the opening ceremony, students not only have a deeper understanding of the Sino-Australian cooperation project, but also clarify the current learning direction and establish confidence in the future development of the individual. Finally, I wish the students a new step in the learning stage and go further!