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Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Delegation Visited Australia

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Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Delegation Visited Australia

From November 30th, 2015, with the invitation from Australian Education Management Group (AEMG) and the collaborative universities in Australia, delegation of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (NUCM) led by Vice President WANG Changqing attended the opening ceremony of Sino-Australia Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre and visited Australian collaborative universities.

On the afternoon of November 30th, the delegation visited AEMG Headquarter in Melbourne. CEO Mr. Roger LI and Director General of AEMG MS. WANG Jing, along with other staff, extended the warmest welcome towards the delegation. Two parties summarized their accomplishments so far, as well as mapped the future collaborations in the years to come.

On December 1st, the delegation from NUCM attended the opening ceremony of Sino-Australia TCM Centre. Vice President WANG Changqing addressed to all guests joining the ceremony. He emphasized on the important role that the centre will play along with the advancement of TCM in Australia, and extended his confidence and sincere wishes to the future development of the centre. After the ceremony, delegation from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, accompanied by AEMG CEO Mr. Roger LI and Director General Ms. WANG Jing, visited Swinburne University of Technology. The representatives from both universities exchanged their opinions on the current cooperative education programs, and offered initiatives for future collaborations.

On December 2nd, with the invitation from RMIT University, the delegation accompanied by Mr. Roger LI, visited the campus. The two universities discussed their current joint program, and reached an initial consensus concerning a further cooperation of joint programs, cooperative research projects and exchanges of teaching staff. Also, representatives from RMIT University toured the delegation Food Biology Laboratory and TCM Centre on campus. VP Prof. WANG Changqing spoke highly of the efforts that RMIT has dedicated to the construction of these institutions, and considered them inspiring for future cooperation.

This visit by NUCM has strengthened its connection and relationship with AEMG and partner universities in Australia. Meanwhile, it has also built a solid foundation for future cooperation.