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Macquarie University Visited Xi’an University of Science and Technology

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Macquarie University Visited Xi’an University of Science and Technology

With the invitation from AEMG and Xi’an University of Science and Technology, a delegation of Macquarie University (XUST)led by Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Mr. Tim Beresford visited XUST on the 23rd November, 2016.

On the morning of 23rd, accompanied by AEMG Director General Ms. Jenny Wang, the delegation attended the opening ceremony of the joint education program. The ceremony was hosted by XUST Vice President Prof. ZHANG Weihu. XUST President Mr. YANG Gengshe, the First Secretary of Australian Embassy in China Mr. Chrsitopher Lawson, and MQ COO & DVC Mr. Tim Beresford addressed to the audience respectively, demonstrating their strong support and commitment towards the joint education program. They would further boost the communication and collaborations between all parties, and continue to build a broader platform for students based on the universities’ advantages and strengths. They also extended their best wishes to the students, and hoped that students could balance their overall development and lay a solid foundation for their future careers. Student representative ZHOU Yuhao spoke on behalf of students, during whose speech he promised that all students would cherish this valuable opportunity and be devoted to their studies. He also said that most of students are looking forward to studying in Australia two years later and complete their studies with high standards. After the ceremony, a student report meeting was held. MQ Director, Global Engagement and Business Development Mr. David Harrison delivered a report on the Advantages and Prospects of Bilingual Students. During the Q&A session, students asked questions concerning their life and study in XUST and in MQ, and questions were patiently answered by the delegation.

In the afternoon, JMC was held and hosted by Director of XUST International Department Prof. SHANG Changchun, Vice President Prof. LI Shugang welcomed the delegation. Head of School of Electronic Control Prof. FU Zhouxing and MQ Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Ms. Nicole Brigg had a detailed discussion on Chinese teaching staff training, MQ teaching plan, study abroad programs, and cloud platform, etc.

The visit further enhanced the communication between AEMG and its partner universities, and ensured a smooth and efficient operation of joint education programs.