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AEMG held Joint Management Committee Meeting with Northeast Forestry University and Aston University

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AEMG held Joint Management Committee Meeting with Northeast Forestry University and Aston University

On the afternoon of May 11, 2020, the Joint Management Committee Meeting for the joint program among Northeast Forestry University, Aston University and AEMG Group was successfully held through an online meeting platform. President Prof. Bin Li, Vice President Prof. Wenlong Song, and representatives from related departments and faculties of North East Forestry University, along with Vice-Chancellor and President Prof. Alec Cameron, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement Ms. Saskia Hansen, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Engineering & Applied Science Prof. Sarah Hainsworth, as well as heads of related disciplines of Aston University attended the meeting. Representatives from AEMG Group included President Mr. Roger Li, Director General Ms. Jenny Wang and directors from major departments were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Jenny Wang.

During the meeting, Prof. Alec Cameron firstly expressed his gratitude for the effective organisation and convening of the meeting during the global fight against COVID-19. Prof. Bin Li, emphasized the importance of maintaining good cooperation between the two universities. Subsequently, the representatives of the three parties reported on the program operation in China and the UK, with a focus on program management, teaching management, admissions and student services and  conducted in-depth discussions on the corresponding plans with a broad consensus reached as a result.

The meeting revealed the importance of the three-party interaction mechanism in ensuring and promoting the good operation of the program. Against the backdrop of the outbreak of public health emergencies worldwide, the Group has been fully giving full play to their expertise in cross-cultural communications, actively promoted good communication and exchange between Chinese and foreign partner universities in order to jointly explore new ideas, new models and share valuable experiences in education collaboration. Thusly, they are breaking the geographical and spatial constraints, overcoming difficulties and strengthening the three-party partnership.