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Guiyang Medical University visiting Universities in Australia

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Guiyang Medical University visiting Universities in Australia

On March 14, 2013, a delegation of Guiyang Medical University visited AEMG Headquarter in Melbourne, Australia. Jenny Wang, Project Director of AEMG and Michael Xiang, AEMG Melbourne Office Manager warmly welcomed and met the delegation. In the meeting, Jenny Wang delivered a brief introduction to delegation about AMEG and the cooperating model and prospect with Guiyang Medical University.

Next day, delegation came to visit Swinburne University of Technology(SUT). Representatives of SUT extent a warm welcome to delegation and introduced SUT to them. Followed by, they discussed the majors and cooperative models that they were both interested in. Marisa Furno, Manager of SUT International exchanged gifts with delegation. In the afternoon, delegation visited Deakin University, met with Glen Meehan, the Regional Manager of Asia, Deakin international and Prof. Zhou wanlei, the director of College of Computer Science. They both reached an agreement on their potential cooperation areas.

Thus, the Australia visit of Guiyang Medical University gained a magnificent success and the visit greatly promoted the cooperation between AEMG and Guiyang Medical University.

Translated by Jessie