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Employees Hold Dear At Heart To Battle Against Crisis In Solidarity!

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Employees Hold Dear At Heart To Battle Against Crisis In Solidarity!

During the Spring Festival of 2020, the fierce and wide-reaching outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has been affecting everyone’s mood and daily life. AEMG attaches great importance to this crisis. With the “People First” principles in mind, we have taken a series of measures which prioritize the health and safety of our employees while ensuring the normal operation of the company.

Before the Spring Festival, as soon as the epidemic outbreak was announced, AEMG has instantly reminded everyone to ensure their own safety, quickly established an emergency working group to formulate concrete schemes and taken precautionary steps based on national instructions. We check on our employees regularly and take notes of their health statuses especially those and their families who live in the outbreak epicenter in Hubei province, so as to take corresponding measures in time. For employees who returned to the cities they work in after the Spring Festival, AEMG had also given warm advice in terms of protection in advance and rinse-free hand sanitizers to them. It can be said that the health and safety of employees and their families are always on the minds of AEMG leaders.

As the novel coronavirus pneumonia was still wreaking havoc as the day to resume work drew closer, AEMG responded positively to the call of the state by sending an open letter to all employees in China on Feb 6, informing them to work from home for the time being and employees in Hubei province to strictly abide by the local government’s epidemic prevention and control regulations to ensure personal health and safety.

In face of the virus, AEMG employees are deeply moved by the concern of AEMG leaders, but are also aware of the business impact of the epidemic on the Group. We are getting more united and committed in times of such crisis regardless of our locations, languages and ages, collectively sharing the burdens with enthusiasm and dedication.

We believe that under the strong leadership of AEMG and the concerted efforts of our colleagues, AEMG will surely win this hard battle, ensure our partner universities and their students are well taken care of, and give full play to our crisis management ability!

Let’s work in solidarity in times of difficulties to win this epidemic battle!