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Dr. Tristan Reekie of ANU visits SDUW

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Dr. Tristan Reekie of ANU visits SDUW

From 9 to 10 of July, with the invitation of the Shandong University, Weihai, and Australia Education Management Group, Dr Tristan Reekie, Undergraduate Convenor and group leader at the ANU Research School of Chemistry visited SDUW, where he was greeted by Professor Li Haibei, Head of the Department of Marine Science,Marine College, Professor Bai Ming, Vice-Director of the Laboratory Center, and other relevant staff of the Joint Science College.

On 9th of July, SDUW held the meeting in the Room 520 of Zhixing Building, accompanied by Ellen HAO, Pro-Director of Global Engagement and Partnership Dept. During the meeting, the relevant directors of Marine college in SDUW discussed in detail with Dr. Reekie on specific issues such as course mapping, curriculum design and teaching visit in China.

On 10th of July, accompanied by SDUW teachers, Dr. Tristan Reekie visited the chemical laboratory at Marine College and discussed in depth the specific issues of laboratory safety, equipment addition, staffing and laboratory renovation.

Dr. Tristan Reekie’s visit has yielded positive results, and the two colleges have reached agreement on many issues, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation.