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Christmas and New Year Celebrations were Successfully Held

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Christmas and New Year Celebrations were Successfully Held

With the New Year approaching, the wheels of time have left more deep and colorful traces along their path. Accompanied by the warm winter sunshine, the Christmas of 2015 arrived on time. Christmas has always been important and loved by our program’s students.

In order to provide a chance for our students to experience Australian culture in China, as well as encourage students to further their mutual understanding and boost their passion for studies, Department of Student Services held a series of galas, parties and drama performances in program branches and Overseas Student Services Centre. Students showcased their talents through various approaches.

Because of the variety of performances, including dramas, singing, dancing and stand-up comedies, the “1st Auchin English Drama Show” enjoyed a widespread participation and support. The performance by NUAA “Eat apples alone on Christmas Eve, but Lucky to have Auchin Family’s Company” was mostly enjoyed by the audience. Leaders from CUMT also attended the event and enjoyed the performances directed by CUMT students themselves. Given the efforts made by students and teachers, the events in every program branch turned out to be a total success.

Although Christmas has already passed, students still have the hangover of the celebrations. However, while enjoying the Christmas feasts, students managed to conclude their studies for the session and built a solid foundation for their overseas studies.