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CCNU Successfully Held 2018 Sino-Australia joint Opening Ceremony

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CCNU Successfully Held 2018 Sino-Australia joint Opening Ceremony

On the afternoon of September 1, 2018, with the smiling faces of freshmen, a opening ceremony was held for students and their parents in the Sino-Australia joint education programs as scheduled. At the opening ceremony , nearly 200 students and their parents, were invited.

At 2:30 PM, the opening ceremony started on time. Professor XIA Linxin, Vice President of CCNU,Professor FU Ping, Dean of the School of Sociology, Professor LU Zhiping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Education, Mr QIU Baosheng, Dean of the School of Life Sciences, Prof. Sarah Todd and Prof. Donna McAuliffe form GU, Prof. Andrea Chester and Senior Lecturer Mrs Josephine Ng form RMIT, Dr. Bill Damachis and Prof. Enzo Palomb form SUT, Mr LI Xinqing, President Of AEMG, Mr DUAN Yucai, Director of Global Engagement and Partnership Department of AEMG, Mrs CHEN Jing, Director of Student Services Department, Mrs CHEN Ju, Director of Academic Faculty, Mrs HUANG jing, RM of Wuhan Region and the teachers of Wuhan Branch attended the opening ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, Professor XIA Linxin gave a speech. The leaders of CCNU introduced the situation of CCNU and the program to the freshmen and their parents in detail and affirmed the great achievements of the program in recent years, so that the students had a preliminary understanding of the school and program. Then the representatives of the three Australian universities introduced the culture and characteristics of their schools in their own way, and the students have a deeper understanding of the beautiful campus on the other side of the earth. At the end of the ceremony, each of the students and the parents are eager to ask questions, and the leaders also answered the questions of the students very enthusiastically and thoroughly, and the entire conversation has been easy and pleasant. At last, the students took a group photo with the leaders.

The opening ceremony of the project of 2018 was carried out smoothly, which made the students of the project have a clearer understanding of their major and filled with longing and desire for the arrival of the new semester. At the same time, the parents were also given a satisfactory reply from the leaders and teachers, which will lay a solid foundation for future projects.