Australia Education Management Group is a registered company in Australia. The specialty is engaged in the international education and cultural communication. Over the years, the aim of our group is to promote cultural diversity and education exchange between Australia and other counties. AEMG has established cooperation with education institutes and research centers in China, America, Europe and other countries worldwide. AEMG plays an important role in integrating and optimizing education resources, which bridges excellent education institutes worldwide for better communication and cooperation.

AEMG Successfully Held International Education Management Conference 2015

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AEMG Successfully Held International Education Management Conference 2015

On July 12th , 2015, AEMG held the International Education Management Conference in Kunming, Yunnan.. AEMG Strategic Management Committee members, delegations from Chinese and Overseas cooperative universities, as well as the AEMG staff attend the conference. More than 200 people attended the conference.

The conference in the morning commenced at 8:30. Representatives of some cooperative universities gave a speech. Focusing on the theme “Building the Silk Road of Higher Education on the Cloud”, they reflected on the strategic development of higher education internationalization from their own perspectives. The conference culminated in the commencement of the launch ceremony. Together with the presidents from 9 universities, Mr. Roger Li activated the starting device, which symbolizes the first step on “ the Silk Road of Higher Education on the Cloud”.

At 13:30 pm, the two summits were carried out simultaneously. Summit one focus on the driving force of international cooperative educational organization and programs on the teaching and discipline development, as well as on talents development and scientific research of colleges and universities. Summit two focus on the opportunities and challenges brought to college students service and college internationalization by international cooperative educational organizations and programs. The representatives from partner universities at home and abroad voiced their opinions on the above mentioned topics. All the honored guests benefited a lot on the conference.

 During the conference, AEMG also offered opportunities to partner universities to attend program symposium, aiming to lay a good foundation for the developments of future programs.

At 16:00 pm, the International Education Management Conference 2015 successfully ended. This conference is a successful conference. With the support of Chinese and overseas universities and the hard working of AEMG staff, the conference ended completely.