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AEMG Group held Sino-foreign cooperative education workshop with Shandong University, Weihai

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AEMG Group held Sino-foreign cooperative education workshop with Shandong University, Weihai

On the afternoon of July 1, AEMG Group and Shandong University, Weihai, held an online workshop about Sino-foreign cooperative education program. The workshop was attended by President Prof. Jianya Liu and Vice President Prof. Lidong Xia of Shandong University, Weihai, President Mr. Roger Li and Director General Ms. Jenny Wang of AEMG Group along with persons in charge of related faculties from both parties.

During the meeting, Jenny Wang first reviewed the course of cooperation between the two parties and, sharing her experience and insights on program management, analysed the significance of Chinese-foreign cooperative education regarding the internationalisation of universities in the current global epidemic. She continued to mention both parties have achieved breakthroughs with collective attempts in many areas of cross-border education, winning the full recognition from both Chinese and Australian governments, and that the Group is committed to the long-term collaboration to tell the good story of Shandong University.

Jianya Liu stated that internationalisation is crucial to the development of Shandong University, and the established advantage of Weihai campus regarding internationalisation is inseparable from the joint efforts of the two parties. He continued that both parties should further strengthen cooperation and communication, vigorously promote the optimisation and  enhancement of the collaborative education model, and actively facilitate the exchange and joint scientific research of the experts and scholars with overseas partner universities in order to realize win-win cooperation at both a deeper and higher level.

Afterwards, representatives from both parties had an in-depth discussion on the specific work concerning program operation. Concluding the meeting, Lidong Xia said that the Sino-foreign cooperative education mechanism will gradually expand to the whole of  Shandong University and serve the “empowering schools and developing the University” strategic structural adjustment and that the next step is to focus closely on internal quality improvement to meet the expectations of students and parents. AEMG’s Roger Li expressed his view that the higher expectations of students and parents on teaching methods, models and quality of collaborative education program could be great motivation for the program and professional development. The Group will work with Shandong University and overseas universities to enhance integration and innovation of program operation and management models.