Australia Education Management Group is a registered company in Australia. The specialty is engaged in the international education and cultural communication. Over the years, the aim of our group is to promote cultural diversity and education exchange between Australia and other counties. AEMG has established cooperation with education institutes and research centers in China, America, Europe and other countries worldwide. AEMG plays an important role in integrating and optimizing education resources, which bridges excellent education institutes worldwide for better communication and cooperation.

AEMG Group held annual program management and planning meeting with Yunnan Normal University

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AEMG Group held annual program management and planning meeting with Yunnan Normal University

On the morning of June 12, the annual program management and planning meeting of AEMG Group and Yunnan Normal University was successfully held through an online conference platform. The meeting was attended by President Prof. Yongwen Jiang and Vice President Prof. Wenli Ding of Yunnan Normal University along with President Mr. Roger Li and Director General Ms. Jenny Wang of AEMG Group.

Ms. Jenny Wang first analysed the current international situation and relevant government announcements, before introducing the Group’s business development over the past year. Afterwards, representatives from both parties shared details on the operation and management of existing programs, the progress of new program development and the trend of Chinese-foreign cooperative education. Mr.Roger Li then reviewed the history of cooperation between the two parties, and expressed gratitude to the long-term support from YNNU leadership and coordination of colleagues from relevant faculties. He stated that based on the fact that internationalisation has become an essential element in discipline construction evaluation, the Group will continue introducing high-quality education resources and enhancement the teaching faculty with project operations to build exemplary cooperative education programs and institutions by collective efforts from both parties. Prof. Yongwen Jiang said that internationalisation is YNNU’s direct strategic policy, and that the University will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration with the Group – broadening the international perspective of administrators and teachers, adopting suitable solutions to different issues, and ensuring the long-term vitality of the collaborative programs. He stated that it is hoped YNNU will contribute to the cultivation of future-oriented, new-age talents.

Afterwards, persons in charge from relevant departments of the Group, the International Affair Office, Teaching Affair Office, Institute of Physical Education, Economic and Management School, Communication and Media School of Yunnan Normal University held in-depth discussions on the operation management, teaching arrangements, student activities and services at home and abroad of current collaborative programs with a optimization strategy and work plan formulated.

Both parties, following the principle being pragmatic and progressive, shared policies, initiatives and future prospects on international education and cooperation management from the national, regional and school development levels during this meeting – enhancing confidence and motivation for grasping socio-economic and educational development opportunities and deepening talent cultivation.