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AEMG Group held annual program management and planning meeting with Wuhan Sports University

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AEMG Group held annual program management and planning meeting with Wuhan Sports University

On the afternoon of June 10, the annual program management and planning meeting of AEMG Group and Wuhan Sports University was successfully held through an online conference platform. Attending the meeting were President Prof. Wangang Lyu, Dean of School of Health Sciences Prof. Weitao Zheng, Deputy Director of International Affair Office Zhenwei, Shen of Wuhan Sports University, President Mr. Roger Li and Director General Ms. Jenny Wang of AEMG Group.

Firstly, Ms. Jenny Wang expressed condolences to all the leaders and colleagues of Wuhan Sports University on behalf of the Group.She then continued toreport on the current international situation and the Group’s overall development over the past year, mentioning the value of Cloudcampus for innovative teaching and learning models to confront COVID-19 effects as well as the upgrade efforts made for Sino-foreign cooperation in school running. Prof. Wangang Lyu expressed his gratitude to the leaders and teaching staff at all levels of the Group for the support and contribution to the joint programs and put forward new hopes and requirements for the further improvement and expansion of cooperation between the two parties.

During the meeting, leaders of relevant departments of the Group, the International Affair Office and the School of Health Sciences of Wuhan Sports University held in-depth discussions on the standardised management of existing Sino-foreign cooperation programs, teaching arrangements and student services, with a broad consensus reached on the   future optimisation of the existing program cooperation model.

Mr. Roger Li in his conclusive speech, said that introducing and integrating high quality academic resources from home and abroad and sharing the self-developed intelligent Cloudcampus platform, from Group side, is to provide multi-dimensional support for the internationalisation process of partner universities in China. He concluded the meeting by stating that AEMG Group would continue to work together with Wuhan Sports University on the basis of long-term cooperation to promote the construction of Sino-foreign cooperative education.