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AEMG Group held Annual Program Management and Planning Meeting with China University of Mining and Technology

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AEMG Group held Annual Program Management and Planning Meeting with China University of Mining and Technology

On the afternoon of September 4, the Annual Program Management and Planning Meeting of AEMG Group and China University of Mining and Technology was successfully held. President Prof. Xuefeng Song and Vice President Prof. Fubao Zhou of China University of Mining and Technology, Board Chairman and CEO of AEMG Group Mr. Roger Li and President of AEMG Group and Honorary President of AEMG Academy Ms. Jenny Wang attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the current international situation and coping mechanism was discussed, as well as the developing trends in Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. The report of the Group’s cooperation model and plans, Cloudcampus and research types and other major businesses were given the full response from the university were also discussed.

In the conclusive session, Mr. Roger Li emphasised that with the expansion of the Group’s business, Sino-foreign cooperative education, high-level platform training, joint scientific research and industrial investment have become parallel strategic divisions of AEMG. It is hoped that when the Group’s business grows, communication with leadership at relevant schools of China University of Mining and Technology could be enhanced in order to bring more high-quality resources and advanced models to the University in order to create a new chapter together. Ms. Jenny Wang also emphasised the importance of seizing the opportunity of internationalisation of school operations to maintain and develop the strategic partnership.

President of China University of Mining and Technology, Prof. Xuefeng Song, congratulated the Group on the rapid development and achievements in his concluding speech. He mentioned the future positioning of the University which will be based on the three strategies of talent cultivation, characteristic development, and openness outwards with the tasks of strengthening discipline construction and talent training, expanding international cooperation and exchange, and building a world-class university of energy resources characteristics highlighted. In terms of scientific research work, Sino-foreign cooperation and exchange and joint cultivation, the person in charge of the colleges and schools, as well as scholars and professors are encouraged to actively communicate with the directors of relevant sectors of AEMG to facilitate substantial cooperation development.

Through this meeting, the two parties successfully reviewed recent developments and planned the future direction of cooperation, laying a solid foundation for strategic development, relationship maintenance and the implementation of cooperation programs between the two parties under the new global situation.