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AEMG Academy New Teachers Qualification Accreditation Conference 2020

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AEMG Academy New Teachers Qualification Accreditation Conference 2020

In order to strengthen teaching management, improve teaching quality and build a team of excellent teachers, the AEMG Academy New Teachers Qualification Accreditation Conference was successfully held in Nanjing and Xi’an on December 27, 2020.

Ms. Jenny Wang, Director General of AEMG expressed her warm welcome and gratitude to all guests and judges. She emphasized that the new teachers qualification accreditation is a major initiative of the Group to improve teaching quality. It provides a conducive platform for self-expression, exchange, learning and upgrading of new teachers; and also a strong guarantee to continuously strengthen the training of backbone teachers and teaching talents. As such this will be a regular conference of the Group. She required every teacher to fully understand the profound connotation of the AEMG’s educational philosophy and encouraged teachers to apply it in their daily teaching. Ms. Jenny Wang also stressed that the new teachers shall integrate the teaching materials with the rich curriculum resources on Cloudcampus; and improve students’ cross-cultural communication skills by building a bridge for students to communicate across cultures, so that students can learn English language, world culture and humanistic spirit through various channels, and cultivate educational talents with global perspective and knowledge of international rules.

A total of 14 new teachers from SWU, SDUW, IMUFE, NEFU, NEUQ branches and Xi’an region conducted the demo classes. Each teacher selected a theme from a variety of teaching materials; conducted a 15-minute lecture; elaborated on the important and difficult points of the teaching content, teaching objectives, teaching methods; and simulated classroom teaching. The new teachers covered a wide range of topics including food, health, universe and other fields; gave full play to their advantages and specialties in teaching; and demonstrated solid professionalism, teaching skills and proficiency in classroom control.

The judge, Professor Jin Quanyuan, gave both targeted and feasible suggestions for each teacher’s teaching performance, such as lecture time control, organic integration of Chinese and Western culture, interaction with students,  teaching objectives clarification and teaching priorities, understanding of students’ level, and differentiated teaching.

The Conference was highly appraised by the Supervisor of Teaching and Academic Affairs Division, Professor Chen Heming. He pointed that this was AEMG Academy’s very first teaching qualification accreditation. It was both a challenge and growth for AEMG. Nevertheless it has a milestone significance in the development of AEMG Academy, and is very important to the future development of AEMG faculty.

Ms. Joyce Xu, Executive Director of the Teaching and Academic Affairs Division hosted the Conference. Mr. Sun Jianning, Educational Inspector of AEMG; Professor Henry Xu, Assistant to President of AEMG Academy (China); Mr. Kevin Xu, Senior Director of Xi’an Region and colleagues from the Language Department and Teacher Development Department of AEMG attended the Conference in Xi’an and Nanjing respectively.