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A visit by the delegation of UWA Conservatorium of Music to the Xi’An Conservatory of Music

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A visit by the delegation of UWA Conservatorium of Music to the Xi’An Conservatory of Music


With the sponsorship of Australia Education Management Group (AEMG), the Xi’An Conservatory of Music and University of South Australia jointly held a music performance in Xi’An on December 27th, 2017, which is the first show of this type between Sino-Australian universities.

With the theme of Belt and Road Sino-Australian Cultural Exchange, the XACM, as the only conservatory of music in the northwestern part of China, has selected its prominent teachers for this show in order to display the musical glamour of the significant Belt and Road city Xi’An.

The UWA Conservatorium of Music is ranked 33 in the QS World University Ranking List.  Its  wonderful cast for this visit includes the Head of the Conservatorium of Music and three other young musicians of nationwide or even world renown in such fields as violin, brass, clarinet and percussion. This music show not only provides a chance of cultural exchange for the young musicians of both universities, but also brings a unique pleasure for the Chinese audience and helps them feel the Australian music and culture. The last piece before the encore, Erquanyinyue, has even lit up the performance.

AEMG is devoted to the cultural exchange between China and Australia and helps bridge the universities of the two countries.  It’s under the auspices of AEMG that this visit of UWA also included a series of academic activities.  The four Australian musicians held a masterclass respectively in their competent fields for the students of XACM.  A visit of this kind helps a cultural exchange as well as promotion of international cooperation.

During this visit, the UWA delegation was greatly welcomed by the AEMG diretor Ms. WANG Jing, the XACM Chancellor Mr. ZHANG Lijie, Vice-chancellor HAN Lankui,and other school officials who witnessed the grand music performance. The UWA delegation felt very impressed by this visit and satisfied with the arrangement of AEMG.