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Love Knows No Bounds: Donations Across the Ocean to Fight Coronavirus

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Love Knows No Bounds: Donations Across the Ocean to Fight Coronavirus

It is our common belief to pull together and work in solidarity in times of crisis. As the novel coronavirus outbreak was becoming everyone’s concern, AEMG had instantly set up an emergency working group to make various work arrangements so as to reduce the impacts of the epidemic toward the students to the lowest possible. At the same time, we are also actively raising funds and collecting goods intended for donations. Our actions speak for our blessings toward China!

After the epidemic outbreak,  AEMG had successively donated funds to the infected areas for several times. As China was running out of coronavirus protective gear, AEMG-ers in Australia were equally worried, the Group leaders and colleagues are sourcing for relevant resources through various channels from overseas and sending them back to China.

Everyone worked together and acted separately, some ordered goods from the e-commerce platforms whereas some went to the physical stores in the suburbs to snap up the gears. The first batch of materials was collected in just two days, including 299 sets of protective suits, 1,400 N95 masks, 8,800 disposable surgical masks, and more than 2,000 bottles of disinfectant. As of press time, an additional 10,000 masks had been purchased. AEMG will continue to source for relevant supplies to aid China in fighting against the epidemic.

The raging virus can’t stop AEMG from spreading love. We firmly believe that no winter is insurmountable. The epidemic will eventually be brought under control. Listen, it’s the sound of spring, let’s await the bloom.