Australia Education Management Group is a registered company in Australia. The specialty is engaged in the international education and cultural communication. Over the years, the aim of our group is to promote cultural diversity and education exchange between Australia and other counties. AEMG has established cooperation with education institutes and research centers in China, America, Europe and other countries worldwide. AEMG plays an important role in integrating and optimizing education resources, which bridges excellent education institutes worldwide for better communication and cooperation.

2020 AEMG Group Staff Training Successfully Held

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2020 AEMG Group Staff Training Successfully Held

AEMG Group’s 2020 staff training was successfully held from August 18th to 19th jointly online and offline due to epidemic prevention measures in various places. The offline training was divided into 8 venues – AEMG China employees attended the training in Beijing, Harbin, Weihai, Xuzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, and Wuhan, with employees at the venue in Melbourne, Australia through the online conference platform. Before the start of the training, Mr. Roger Li, AEMG Group Chairman of the Board, and Ms. Jenny Wang, AEMG Group President and AEMG Academy Honorary President, respectively made keynote speeches to commence the staff meeting.

Mr. Roger Li introduced the Group’s recent development layed out its future blueprint, saying that the international education area will undergo certain changes in the post-epidemic era and hopes all employees will cherish this training opportunity, improve their abilities and communicate with their colleagues to adapt to the development of the Group. Ms. Jenny Wang introduced the “learning organisation” and its role in the development of AEMG Group. She expressed the hope that all employees can apply their knowledge to practical work, make full use of their creative thinking to create a learning atmosphere and grow with the Group.

Then Prof. Ian Young AO, AEMG Academy President, introduced the business of each section of the Group and the new organisational structure and shared the vision of AEMG University to all employees before the conference then officially entered the training stage. The training was organised around five topics including AEMG’s Culture and Policies, Cognitive Enterprise, Multinational Work Environment, Mental Health and Professional Development. AEMG Group Vice President Mr. Yuqi Lyu, Prof. Bruce Calway and Mr. Youfei Zheng, heads of various functional departments and other leaders delivered educational speeches to employees.

For the theme of AEMG’s culture and policies, AEMG Group Vice President Mr. Yuqi Lyu and Prof. Bruce Calway first introduced the corporate culture of AEMG. Subsequently, the person in charge of each functional department introduced the management systems of administration, finance, human resources, and information technology. For the theme of cognitive enterprise, Mr. Youfei Zheng, AEMG Group Vice President, AEMG Academy Vice President, AEMG Academy President (China Campus), introduced the theory and practice of Sino-foreign collaborative education programs, explained how to cultivate international talents with an international vision, refined the current situation and practical experience of Sino-foreign collaborative education and deepens the Group’s employees’ understanding of international education cooperation from a professional perspective. Mr. Elroy Duan, Executive Director of Global Affairs and Partnership of AEMG, introduced the collaborative education programs, organisations and partner universities in the process of education internationalisation, summarised the basic situation of the cooperation between the Group and Chinese and foreign universities. For the theme of the multinational work environment, Dr. Tian Lan from the School of Economics and Management, Beijing Institute of Technology, taught everyone cross-cultural communication skills and business etiquette. For the theme of mental health, Mr. Jianning Sun, AEMG Group Vice President, explained how to relieve the pressure of the epidemic and shape a healthy mental state. The theme of professional development has been divided into two sub-topics: Marketing and Student Service Staff Training and Academic Staff Training, so that staff who work in these areas have the opportunity to improve their professional skills.

The content of this training covered all aspects of the business of AEMG Group. The heads of various sections within the Group and external experts are invited to impart relevant knowledge to the employees, reserve various professional skills of the employees and further to build an AEMG-characterized team. During the training process, the employees also exchanged their feelings of learning through the way of leaderless group discussion and deepened their understanding of the training content in the communication.

On the afternoon of August 19th, the 2020 AEMG Group staff training ended successfully.