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2019 International Teachers Workshop was Held Successfully in Beijing

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2019 International Teachers Workshop was Held Successfully in Beijing

From October 26 to 27, 2019, AEMG’s International Teachers Workshop was held in Beijing. International teachers from each branch along with colleagues from AEMG Academy and the representatives of branch managers and deputy heads attended the workshop.

The workshop started on the morning of October 26.. It was chaired by Colleen Kent, Director of Quality, Compliance and Training. To open the event, Director General Ms. Jenny Wang welcomed all international teachers and at the same time she put forward her expectation for their future work. She introduced the company’s future forest plan, encouraging all teachers to seize the chance to improve themselves. Professor Bruce Calway, Dean of AEMG Academy, expressed the hope that all teachers can deepen the understanding of the company’s concept through the workshop and emphasized the importance of teachers to improve students’ academic skills in the teaching process. Colleagues from the AEMG Academic Division then spoke separately, illustrating the overall structure of AEMG Academy and the main tasks of the departments.

Representatives from the Australian Curriculum Group and colleagues in China separately introduced the AEAP curriculum, the main sections and functions of the teaching management system, and the usage and course management on Cloud Campus.

On the afternoon of October 26, Luisa,Director of Educational Engagement, Capability & Asset Development and Cathy Cheng,Assistant Director of the Language Department, firstly introduced “three integration” of AEMG. Then the representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers shared from the “three integrations”, namely, the integration of language courses and academic skills (Chinese teachers and international teachers), the integration of ASP/TF teachers and English language teachers, the integration of AEAP curriculum system and Teaching Visit courses where all participants actively expressed their own opinions and suggestions. The workshop also focused on how to create a more international working environment, so as to help Chinese and international teachers to carry out teaching more efficiently. In addition, team building activities were also organised..

The workshop was successfully concluded on the afternoon of October 27. Through this workshop, it improved the communication among the teachers and deepened the cohesion of the teachers’ team. All participants had a clearer understanding of AEMG and AEMG Academy, a further understanding of the AEAP curriculum system, and now know better about their own roles and functions in AEMG teaching work. This workshop laid the foundation for better realizing the “three integrations” and creating a more international AEMG.