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2019 CAP Professional Development Program Pre-departure Training Meetings successfully held in Xi’an and Weihai

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2019 CAP Professional Development Program Pre-departure Training Meetings successfully held in Xi’an and Weihai

The 2019 AEMG CAP Professional Development Program (PDP) Pre-departure Training Meetings have been successfully held in Xi’an and Weihai. The first meeting was held at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) on 18th and 19th of May. The second meeting was held and successfully ended at Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW) in the following weekend, 25th and 26th May. Nearly all AEMG’s Chinese partner universities sent their PDP teachers to participate in the big event. The main purpose of this year CAP PDP Pre-departure Training Meetings is to have the PDP participants better understand the Professional Development Program, in the hope that they will gain better training results and facilitate the development of CAP programs upon their return.

The two meetings were hosted by Professor Bruce Calway, the Dean of AEMG Academy. The Deputy Dean of AEMG Academy Ms. Catherine Moore also attended the meetings. They together explained the significance of overseas PD program on CAP, and then organized group discussions on how to make overseas training program a great facilitation for CAP and etc. At the meeting, the Executive Director of AEMG Academy (China) Ms. Joyce Xu and the Director of Academic Department Ms. Julia Chen introduced the PD program and showed the achievements of past years.

On the morning of 18th, Professor Lei Zhao, the Vice Dean of An De College of XAUAT, came to give a speech on behalf of the college. In the afternoon, Professor Jisheng Qiu, the Vice Dean of School of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Xi’an University of Science and Technology (XUST), was invited to share his experience of visiting and studying overseas. He shared lots of useful information in vivid language, so the attendees actively interacted with him after his speech. On the afternoon of 25th, the Executive Vice Dean of School of Mechanical, Electrical & Information Engineering of SDUW, Professor Li Wang expounded her idea about how to do co-teaching between Chinese and foreign teachers by giving examples in her school.

According to the routine, the last year (2018) Excellent PD Teachers’ name list was released at the meetings. Two outstanding trainees of past years were invited to share their experience respectively at the Xi’an and Weihai meeting. One was Associate Professor Bin Zhu from XUST, and the other was Dr. Bin Zhang from SDUW. At the Xi’an meeting, Associate Professor Bin Zhu showed his time at UTAS by playing a video clip done by himself. Dr. Bin Zhang introduced his life, study, work and other aspects at RMIT at the Weihai meeting, which provided valuable experience for the teachers who were to go overseas soon. His humorous language and thorough introduction won good reviews from the audience.

This year, Professor Bruce Calway together with Ms. Catherine Moore organized a training session regarding the AEMG Cloudcampus for the PD teachers, in terms of ‘The importance of using Cloudcampus in the process of teaching visit’ and ‘How to better use Cloudcampus between the co-teachers in the process of teaching visit’. Dr. Sarah Lyden from University of Tasmania (UTAS), who was voted the Excellent Teaching Visit Teacher previously, was also invited to the meeting. She showed her course construction on the Cloudcampus, and explained each section of her course, e.g. how she designed the course and how to use different tools. Later, she asked the PD teachers to discuss in groups about how the co-teaching between the Chinese and foreign teachers can be taken into practice. The PD teachers were actively engaged in the discussion and benefited a lot, which drew a full stop for this year PDP Pre-departure Training Meetings.

Through this training, the PD participants not only knew better about the Professional Development Program, but also about the relevant requirements, which gave them a clear idea of their following tasks and responsibilities.