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2018 Cohort Joint Opening Ceremony of SDUW Sino-Australia Collaborative Articulation Programs

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2018 Cohort Joint Opening Ceremony of SDUW Sino-Australia Collaborative Articulation Programs

On September 9, 2018, five delegations from four universities including Australian National University, Western Australia University, RMIT University and University of Tasmania, visited Shandong University, Weihai and were invited to attend the Joint Opening Ceremony for Freshmen of SDUW Collaborative Articulation Programs. Director of AEMG Global Engagement and Partnership Department, Manager, assistant and relevant teachers of AEMG SDUW Branch also participated in the meeting.

In the morning of September 9, Director KONG of SDUW International Office, Dean CHEN and Dean XIA of SDUW School of Business attended the greeting meeting of CAP freshmen. Professor Jacqueline Birt, mmes, UWA Business School, together with Professor KONG, introduced to freshmen the University of Western Australia, major setting-up of UWA Business School, the advantages of joint education program, and re-education and employment of outstanding SDUW graduates. They also answered the questions put forward by students and their parents about the University of Western Australia, the joint education program and the overseas study and life. In addition, they encouraged everyone to study English and major courses well and looked forward to more students going to the University of Western Australia for further study.

On the same day in the afternoon, leaders and professors from Australian National University, RMIT University and University of Tasmania had greeting meetings with freshmen respectively. Delegations gave detailed descriptions of the features of joint education program, highlighting the analysis of the advantages of 2+2 and 3+2 programs, and also the performance, further studies and employment of SDUW students in Australia. They also answered questions and cleared up confusions for freshmen and their parents. Deans and leaders of relevant SDUW schools also attend the Opening Ceremony, together with PD teachers from SDUW School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering who went to Australia for training this year. The teachers encouraged students to experience overseas study and life by sharing their own overseas training experiences.

The opening ceremony promotes further understanding of joint education program for students and parents, helping students to clarify their learning objectives and future development directions at university, enhancing students’ program awareness, and also laying a solid foundation for their future study abroad.