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2017 Australia Education Management Group Teaching Staff Conference has been Successfully Held

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2017 Australia Education Management Group Teaching Staff Conference has been Successfully Held

The three-day AEMG Teaching Staff Conference was organised and held at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Jiangning Campus from 23 August to 25 August 2017, with the aim to further build up an efficient international AEMG teaching team. All AEMG teaching staff from all branches over China attended the conference.

The conference on 23 August was hosted by Cathy Cheng, the Assistant Director of Language Department. Joyce Xu, the Executive Director of AEMG Academy and Tatiana, the Director of Language Department., and some principals in charge of other departments subordinated to AEMG Academy made keynote speeches at the conference. The conference was conducted from several aspects – “Introduction of AEMG Academy”, “The Achievement of Cloud Campus”, “Expectations of AEMG Teaching Staff” and “The Achievements of AEAP”. These four aspects were efficiently introduced to teaching staff in the ways of lecturing and buzz group discussions. In addition, the ceremony of conferring certificates for PD (Weihai) training was also held in this conference. Some outstanding teachers who performed well in Malaysia training and Wehai training shared what they have learned to the rest of the teachers. In the late afternoon, everyone at present conducted deep group discussions on what they have acquired in today’s sessions. Every teaching staff of AEMG Academy actively participated and shared their own opinions.

On 24 August, PD trainees fully demonstrated their teaching approaches and teaching techniques that they had learned in Malaysia and Weihai to other teaching staff through various workshops. These workshops include “The Application of Ice-breaker Teaching Methods in First Lessons”, “The Application of Jigsaw in the AEAP System” and “The Application of Learner-centred Teaching Approaches in Real Classroom Teaching”. All attendees actively participated in the workshops and claimed that it was rewarding.

On 25 August, all teachers were divided into several groups and each one of them was asked to present his or her demo class. After the demo classes, each group member contributes to comments and feedback. Everyone cooperated with each other and learned from each other, which drew a satisfactory full stop for the teaching staff conference.

Through this conference, all the attendees not only deepened their understandings of the AEMG Academy, but also made clear of their abilities and qualities that needed as a professional AEMG teacher. In the meanwhile, by presenting the demo class, they improved their practical abilities in teaching, and looked forward to applying their knowledge of English teaching to future English lessons, which left a splendid page for the building of an international teaching team.