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2017 AEMG Teaching Management Meeting has been Successfully Held

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2017 AEMG Teaching Management Meeting has been Successfully Held

On 30th October 2017,AEMG Academy of AEMG organized and held a one-day teaching management meeting at the Xian Lin campus of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This meeting aimed to summarize the recent teaching work of each branch, define the job responsibilities of each teaching management position and form the echelon system of teaching management. Over 20 representatives from the Academy and all branches over China attended the meeting.

The meeting on 30 October was hosted by Teaching Department. Joyce Xu, the Executive Director of AEMG Academy, Tatiana, the Director of Language Department, Wendy Wen, the Manager of General Affairs Centre, and some principals in charge of other departments subordinated to AEMG Academy made speeches. The meeting was conducted from several aspects – “Welcome and Updates from Teaching Department”, “Organizational Structure”, “Responsibilities of Teaching Management Staff”, “Requirements for Teaching Department” and “Course System of ASP and DEP”, “Operation of Cloud Campus”, etc. These aspects were efficiently introduced to teaching staffs in the ways of lecturing and buzz group discussions. In addition, all the Branch Managers and teachers at present also reported on recent work at their branches. In the late afternoon, everyone at present conducted deep group discussions on what they have acquired in today’s sessions. Every teaching staff of AEMG Academy actively participated and shared their own opinions.

The teaching management meeting was a good summary of the recent teaching work in branches. It strengthened the construction of teaching management team. All the participants unified their thoughts with enhanced communication and understanding of their teaching work, which had received a good effect. Every member at present said the solutions to the problems and the new knowledge obtained at the meeting would be shared with their colleagues and applied to their future work after this meeting, so that the teaching quality can be improved and both individual and team progress will be promoted!