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2016 AEMG PD Training has been Successfully Concluded

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2016 AEMG PD Training has been Successfully Concluded

Senior cadre and future cadre of Australia Education Management Group attended a three-week Leadership Professional Development Program in Australia from June 18th, 2016 to August 5th, 2016.

As the first batch of trainees attending the Leadership Professional Development Program, we aimed to offer them a platform of becoming the most excellent international management team with AEMG special features. The first week was to finish a Mini-MBA course in Swinburne University of Technology; the second week was to conduct a practice course in groups in University of Western Australia, Griffith University, University of Tasmania and AEMG Melbourne Training Center; and the third week was to conduct a practice course in groups in University of South Australia, the Australian National University and Macquarie University. Finally, the summary report in AEMG Melbourne Training Center turned out to be the highlight of the whole program. Mr. Roger Li, CEO of AEMG, granted the certificates of AEMG Leadership Professional Development Program to every trainees.

The training made everyone profoundly realize the importance of interdepartmental cooperation, enhanced the ability of leadership, organization and coordination, updated everyone’s management concepts and improved teamwork spirit .It also taught everyone how to apply the knowledge acquired in the training better into future work.