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Career Development

International Education, Globalised Talent.

Every member of AEMG can discover self-worth through our international career development platform. With consistent learning and hard work, all AEMG staff members can build their own career development channel.

AEMG is a garden with which to plant the seeds of your own dream career.

New employees will be provided with an induction training of the unique AEMG spirit. After new employees join the company, ‘Mentor’ system will help them adapt to AEMG culture and dedicate to work as soon as possible. After the 7-30-day induction training, the company will continually provide training programs to help employees discover and create self-worth and also expand self-improvement space.

On-the-job training helps employees improve professional skills and expand their expertise.

It also improves their ability of leadership, communication, coordination and management according to their ranks.


Overseas on-the-job training helps outstanding employees become global talents by expanding their international horizon and improving intercultural communication ability.