Australia Education Management Group is a registered company in Australia. The specialty is engaged in the international education and cultural communication. Over the years, the aim of our group is to promote cultural diversity and education exchange between Australia and other counties. AEMG has established cooperation with education institutes and research centers in China, America, Europe and other countries worldwide. AEMG plays an important role in integrating and optimizing education resources, which bridges excellent education institutes worldwide for better communication and cooperation.


On 19th January 2019, one-to-one meetings on IEMC organized by AEMG were held in Harbin. Delegates of different universities from China and abroad attended the meeting. The meeting commenced at 08:30 am, and finished at about 14:20 pm, during which, about one hundred meetings were held. The representatives talked a lot about the current programs... Read more
On 18th January 2019, the 4th Cloud Campus Research Alliance President Forum hosted by AEMG was grandly held in Harbin. The representatives from the alliance committees and partner universities, as well as the president representatives from other participating universities of IEMC attended the forum. The forum commenced at 16:00 pm, Ian Young, the president of Cloud Campus... Read more
On 18th January 2019, the Forum of Women Leadership Research Institute (WLRI) was successfully held by AEMG. The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences and the Queen’s Honours OBE owner Professor Carol Curran, Ms. Melissa Banks from James Cook University, Professor Sarah Todd from Griffith University, Professor Jenny Dixon from University of Auckland, Associate... Read more
On 18th January, 2019, AEMG opened the International Education Management Conference in Harbin. Mr. Rhett Miller from Australian Trade and Investement Commission, delegations from Chinese and Overseas cooperative universities, AEMG Strategic Management Committee members, as well as the AEMG staff attended the conference. More than 200 people attended the conference. The conference... Read more
With the invitation of the Australia Education Management Group, the delegation of Inner Mongolia Normal University under the leadership of Prof. Guohong YUN, president formally visited our China headquarters in Beijing 8th January 2019. They were warmly welcomed by AEMG President Mr. Roger LI and Director General Mrs. Jenny WANG and... Read more
With the invitation of the Northeast University at Qinhuangdao, the three delegates of Australia Education Management Group, under the leadership of  AEMG President Mr. Roger LI, visited Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao on 7th January, 2019. They were welcomed by President Prof. Jianchang LIU, Vice President Prof. Leizhen WANG and relative staff. During... Read more