Australia Education Management Group is a registered company in Australia. The specialty is engaged in the international education and cultural communication. Over the years, the aim of our group is to promote cultural diversity and education exchange between Australia and other counties. AEMG has established cooperation with education institutes and research centers in China, America, Europe and other countries worldwide. AEMG plays an important role in integrating and optimizing education resources, which bridges excellent education institutes worldwide for better communication and cooperation.


On July 27, 2019, Summer Training of Australia Education Management Group employees in Weihai was successfully completed at Shandong University, Weihai. The training lasted for one week and included three types: functional training, new employee training and leadership training. More than 70 employees from the Beijing headquarters and various branches of... Read more
On July 21, the NUCM delegation (led by Prof. CHENG Chun, Secretary of Party Committee) attended AEMG’s Melbourne Office where they were warmly welcomed by AEMG President Mr. Roger LI, and Director General Ms. Jenny WANG. This meeting allowed in-depth discussion and clarification for the next step of the working plan. After... Read more
On 21 July, 2019, the Management Training and Teaching Training of the Australian Educational Management Group officially opened in Melbourne, Australia. This training will last for 3 weeks, in the mode of groups, and aims at creating future leaders and senior managers with an international perspective and cultivating backbone teachers with... Read more
Delegates from Shandong University, Weihai, under the leadership of Prof. Lidong XIA, Vice President, visited with partners in Australia. From 16th to 17th July, the delegation visited AEMG’s Melbourne Office where they were warmly welcomed by President Mr. Roger LI and Director General Mrs. Jenny WANG. Prof. Lidong XIA expressed his great appreciation... Read more
On 28th June, 2019, Mr. Roger Li, President AEMG accompanied Mr. Ian Watt, Deputy Vice Chancellor (International) UTS, to Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao. They were welcomed by Prof. Jianchang LIU, President, Prof. Xiaoqi LI, Vice President and key College representatives. During the meeting, the three parties participated in detailed consultation regarding the long-term sustainable cooperation... Read more
From the 15th to 20th of June, a small delegation led by Prof. LIN Zhiyuan, Vice President MNNU, conducted friendly visits to AEMG and 2 partner institutions in Australia. The delegation attended the AEMG Melbourne Office where they were warmly welcomed by AEMG President Mr. Roger LI and Director General Ms. Jenny WANG. A detailed discussion... Read more